Basic Furniture Painting

Basic Furniture Painting

We always have people asking about classes and wanting to learn how to paint.  It seems everyone is so busy that getting a class together is not always easy!  The one solution that we considered (and rejected until now) was doing a blog post with videos!.  When we decided to get our website updated and venture in to the land of E-commerce we knew it was time!   I hope you will not be too harsh in your judgement of our first attempt!  

Painting furniture can be accomplished in many ways.  Basic furniture painting - just doing one color and sealing it - is easy and quick.  In fact, it is pretty simple! Deciding whether to paint and what color is sometimes more difficult.  

The first videos will discuss how to prep the piece for painting and how to paint the first coat. The second video will show you how to complete the second coat!   


 The next step will be to seal this piece.  We will post a video of that in the next few days! If you try your own project and have questions please feel free to email us at or message us on Facebook!

All products may be purchased at Wolf Hills Antiques in Abingdon, VA, The Perfect Piece in Cary, NC or on our website.


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