Christmas Ornament Using Resin and Iron Orchid Designs Moulds

Christmas Ornament Using Resin and Iron Orchid Designs Moulds

The cold weather has found us and I have to admit I'm not ready.  Truthfully, I would never be ready.  Winter is not my favorite season.....however, it is here and Christmas is right around the corner.  

Iron Orchid Designs has a wonderful video on making a resin cherub angel ornament.  I decided to try it and, other than making a mistake on which mould to pour second, it was a fairly easy process and turned out great.  

Resin is not difficult to work with but you do need to measure precisely and work quickly.  The moulds are easy to take out and the detail is astounding.  I would like to try to find a different way to hang them as I had a small gap where the string was embedded.  It does not show and really isn't a problem although I know it is there!

I used Amazing Casting Resin and bought mine at Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon.  You can purchase it from a variety of places and there are different types.  I used the white, quick drying type.  The moulds are available for purchase on our website!  As always, if we can help in any way or you have questions, please message us! 


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