Getting That Verdigris Finish!

Getting That Verdigris Finish!

We have been quarantined a month, I think.  It has taken me this long to find my creative mindset amid our booths closing and everything that I know of as day to day changing.  I think I grieved for awhile, then I cleaned out closets and painted 3 rooms.  Now I still don't know what to do with myself some of the time!  I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling like this.  However, I am most grateful that we are safe and well.  I have also found lots of things to be thankful for and have found lots of silver linings to this time of social distancing!  I trust you have as well!

I subscribe to DIY-aGoGO YouTube channel and Lynne Brundage of Ellen J Goods added a video on DIY Faux Verdigris Bracelets.  As I have told you before, I'm not good at coming up with this stuff on my own but I have relatively good success in reproducing what someone else comes up with! When I first got the Pennies From Heaven copper paint and the Shipwrecked Verdigris wax I will admit I did not know how to go about getting the look I wanted.  I tried somethings but never really obtained what I considered to be a verdigris finish.  Lynne's version gave me hope and I made a couple of bangles/bracelets that turned out great.  You can see them on The Painted Sister's Facebook page.  I had this container that I liked the original finish but knew this would be a great small project to try this same procedure on!  I was really happy with the results and I hope you will like how easy it is to obtain!  I highly recommend you watch Lynne's video!  She is an excellent teacher and so artistic!  As always, please message us if you have any questions!  

The video begins after I had applied a coat of Weathered Wood, a coat of Pennies From Heaven copper patina, and a coat of Mermaid Tail.  The Weathered Wood coat was just to give a base of a dark, solid color for the Pennies of Heaven to be applied!  You could use Layered Chocolate, Little Black Dress or whatever you choose!  The rest is highlighted in the video and I think you will be surprised how easy it was.  You will pick up on the fact that I started with clear wax and then the Shipwrecked Verdigris and quickly abandoned that idea and just used the Shipwrecked!  I loved the finish it gave!  Enjoy!  


Materials I used:  DIY Weathered Wood, Pennies From Heaven Copper Patina, Mermaid Tail, Apothecary, Vintage Linen, Clear Wax, and Shipwrecked Verdigris Wax.  All these products are available on this website!  Please subscribe to our channel and like us on Facebook for up to date information!  

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