How To Use Iron Orchid Designs Transfers

How To Use Iron Orchid Designs Transfers

I love Iron Orchid Designs!  I love how you can take something as insignificant as an old cabinet door and make it beautiful!  I love how you can use only portions of a transfer and save the rest for the next project!  

I started this project by painting two coats of DIY Paint in the new color Aviary, which is quickly becoming my new favorite color!  I then added a grain stripe using DIY Paint White Swan mixed with a tiny amount of the Aviary.  

Next, I stamped a little French script using the "Kindest Regards" stamp and added some vines around the edges using the "Queen Bee" stamp.  

I then sanded using fine sand sponge to distress.  Important:  Make sure you remove all the sanding dust from the project!  Dust, even in the smallest amount will cause your transfer not to stick and will ruin the transfer (Ask me how I know this!).  

After cleaning up ALL the dust, I sealed with DIY Paint's Big Top.  Transfers stick better to a sealed surface! 

The video will show you how to adhere your transfer and as always we will be more than happy to help if you have questions!  Just message us!  

This is the "Redoute 4" transfer.  It includes four flower selections and I only used one on this project.  The pulls were from Hobby Lobby!  

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