Masking With Iron Orchid Designs Stamps

Masking seems to be a difficult concept for some people to understand.  I understand it, but I just don't always see it the way I want the finished product to be seen! Sometimes that's a good thing!

Masking means that you cover up a portion of your stamped image so that you may stamp images in the background without getting a muddled design.  Makes perfect sense doesn't  it.......  

The most important thing to get in your brain at the beginning is to stamp the image you want to be the main focus first.  I hope this video will help some of this make more sense to you but you will also see that even after it does, it sometimes doesn't come out like what you had in your mind.  Each time I do it I learn more and more, and I think adding the watered paint effect makes the design stand out. I wasn't too excited about these until I added "hope", crackle stamped, and used clear and black wax to finish!  All these products work so well together and while the end design wasn't quite what I had in my mind I think it might actually be better!  

Please feel free to message us if we can help in anyway!  All products are available on this website! 

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