Merry Christmas Blocks

Merry Christmas Blocks

Halloween is over and I am being forced to admit that Christmas is not really that far away!  I have a few ideas for some unique Christmas decorations that I am working on and thought I would share one with you! 

I asked my husband to cut some blocks from a 2 x 4.  Just some rough blocks - about 3 inches wide.  

 I had an old set of blocks that I had gotten years ago and use on our mantle at Christmas.  I wanted to recreate a similar look.  The first thing I did was paint each block on all sides with DIY Dark and Decrepit.  It gave it a stained look and sealed the wood. You could paint the entire block or just use a stain to achieve the look you want!  After that had dried, I used DIY Paint in Bohemian Blue, Queen Bee, Marquee, and Monet to paint one side.  

After allowing this to dry I used the Iron Orchid Designs Typesetting Stamp to stamp the letters spelling Merry Christmas on the blocks.  Once this had dried I lightly sanded each block giving the blocks and the letters a worn look.  Next I used DIY Clear wax and then Dark Wax to seal and age them even more!  

This was a very easy project and I love the finished set.  If you are not able to cut your own or have someone handy to do it, Lowe's or Home Depot will do it for you!  I used DIY Dark and Decrepit, DIY Paint in Bohemian Blue, Queen Bee, Marquee, and Monet.  I sealed them with DIY Clear Wax and Dark Wax!  I used the Iron Orchid Designs Typesetting Stamps and DIY Paint in White Swan to stamp on the letters.  All these products are available on our website!  

As always, if we may help you in anyway please message us!  

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