Painting the Winter's Song Transfer

Painting the Winter's Song Transfer

The Winter's Song Wreath is a beautiful full flowering wreath. This gorgeous transfer is being retired by Iron Orchid Designs and I have wanted to use it for a wall decor item for sometime but just had not gotten around to it.  It is a paintable transfer which makes it even more versatile.  As I think I have told you before, I am not a "winter/cold weather person".  In fact, I struggle throughout the season.  There are good things about it though.  It makes me appreciate spring and warm weather so much more and slightly slows are hectic lifestyle a bit.  I try to only venture out when I have too.  Today it is a balmy 25 degrees and paintable flowers are the only ones I will see here for awhile!!  

If you need to learn how to use the IOD transfers we have a video with good instructions.  Please refer to that for the process of applying the transfer. 

In painting the transfer I used DIY paint in very small amounts mixed on a styrofoam plate with plenty of water.  I wanted to just add a small amount of color.  DIY Paint is so pigmented that you can use a tiny amount and get lots of color.  It will give you that "water color" look with subtle shading and variation, and the water makes the paint move so that the finished look is beautiful.  I think the hardest thing is knowing when to quit, and if you are very observant you will see after I finished the video I went back and painted in the larger flowers in Cowgirl Coral allowing for just a blush effect that is ever so slight!  This painting technique is one that can not only be used for paintable transfers but also for coloring in stamped items.  I use it often on the different flowers as well as the fronds and fern stamps.  You can be as subtle or as bold as you like!

As always, if you have any questions please just message us!  All products can be found on our website but I only have 2 of the Winter's Song Wreath left!  Hope you enjoy!!! 

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