Thrift Store Frame Bee Kind

Thrift Store Frame Bee Kind

I am always trying to find small projects to make to sell in our booths and that are easy to whip out when I need a gift for someone.  I love framed pictures that I find at the thrift stores. Usually you can find plenty and the options are endless.  I look for ones that have some detail that will add to the finished product or I look for plain ones that I can add Iron Orchid Designs moulds to!  

One of my favorite signs to make is a "bee kind sign" using the Laurel Mould's large bee.  It has lots of great detail and makes a definite statement on the sign.  I use the Typesetting stamps to spell out the "bee kind".  One step that I did do that I forgot to mention is that I dry brushed a tiny amount of Queen Bee yellow and Old School dark gray to the body of the bee.  

The products I used to complete this are:  Laurel Mould, Typesetting stamps, DIY paint, and waxes, gold gilding wax.  All these with the exception of the gliding wax can be purchased on this website!  

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