Using Crockery Stamps From Iron Orchid Designs

Using Crockery Stamps From Iron Orchid Designs

Sometimes I go to auctions and I love the old crocks.  Apparently so does everyone else.  They always sell for more than I want to pay, so I was happy to see the stamps from Iron Orchid Designs and learn they could be used to replicate that look.  

I decided to give it a try, so my first stop was the local Goodwill to find some suitable small containers to use the Crockery Stamps on. I found several for around $1.00 each!  I have to admit I was skeptical that I could make them look right much less old and "crockery-like".  In the end, it was really easy and I'm beyond excited at the way they turned out!  

I first ran them through the pot-scrubbing cycle on my dishwasher and they cleaned up well (and sanitized even better!).  

For the next steps I will let the video explain the process and again, if you have any questions just message us!  

The materials used were: Iron Orchid Designs Crockery Stamp, Iron Orchid Designs Air Dry Clay, Tite Bond Glue, DIY Clear and Dark Wax.  

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