Using Iron Orchid Designs Moulds on Flower Pots

Using Iron Orchid Designs Moulds on Flower Pots

Have you ever looked at a piece you were working on and thought it needed "something" but you weren't sure what?  Look no more!  I have a simple solution for you!

IOD Moulds are made from food safe materials (don't use the same set for food and crafts), and can be used to transform and create about anything you can think up from food to furniture!

They can be used with different mediums such as air dry clay and casting resins. Today I will be using Air Dry Clay from Iron Orchid Designs to transform some cheap, terra cotta pots.  

Dusting the moulds with a little bit of cornstarch prior to adding the air dry clay allows the moulds to release easily.  With using air dry clay there will be a little shrinkage, and possibly some cracking as it dries.  I love these qualities as it give is a distressed, age, authentically vintage look!

The video will show you how to remove the clay from the mould and how to attach it to your piece whatever it may be!  Enjoy the video and once again if you have questions please message us!  We are always glad to help! 

The products I used today are:  Laurel Mould, IOD Air Dry Clay, glue (I used Titebond Quick &Thick), small terra cotta pots, DIY Paint Old School for the gray pot and Tarnished Pearl on the light color pots, DIY Clear Wax, and DIY Dark Wax.  


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