DIY Wall Art Kit

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Just because you like to DIY doesn't mean it necessarily translates into carpentry skills, right? We get it. So, we've done the first step for you with our Painted Sisters DIY Wall Art Kit.

Enjoy the process of crafting your own wall art without the hassle of building your own frame or cutting your own board. 

The Painted Sisters DIY Wall Art Kit includes a pine frame and a "canvas" of 1/2" sanded plywood. Both are thick and sturdy and are completely ready to paint, stain and decorate with transfers, moulds and stamps. 

After you finish your piece, simply drop the board in the back of the frame and secure with small nails (included). Holes are even pre-drilled to make this easy-peasy. 

Outside measures 12 3/4 X 12 3/4. Inside measurement is 11 1/4 X 11 1/4.

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